Who’d thought

that one

little gland

is responsible

for so much

You know you don’t feel right and it’s not all in your head

All you want is to be heard, understood,
and have someone speak Thyroid in human.

Because the reality is, the Thyroid can be very confusing.

All those ‘Thyro’ Words like:
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Receptor
Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
Thyroid Follicles

Beth is amazing. She not only listens to what your issues are she also cares. When I first visited Beth, I was very sick, fatigued, putting on weight and to be honest ready to give up. I visited my doctor beforehand and even though my antibodies were sky high he suggested I wait for 6 weeks and have another test. I needed more than this, so meeting Beth was the best thing I could have done.


You already know that you are a wee bit complex. 

Okay, maybe a whole lot complex, you’ve got a whole bunch of ‘stuff’ going on.

While your Thyroxine dose may not just be doing it for you, (or you may not be on any)

and  you aren’t really too keen on a whole lot of unnecessary supplements either. Fair call.

You’d rather address the main areas that are not serving you well, like hormones, sleep, digestion, mood, aches and pains, and yes, the weight loss. 

Oooohhh, looks like that’s a lot of stuff.

Let’s break it down step by step.

Thyroid consultations are like a box of Maltesers, 

one is usually not enough


Let’s start off with gathering all the information about you in an Initial Consultation.

I love looking at all the bits, old results from blood, functional, scans, reports, you name it, I’ll take a look at it, because it builds a story all about you.

Making diagnostic connections with your symptoms drives me to help you.

Getting the right diagnostics for you allows me to gain more information about your current thyroid presentation. We may need some up to date information and this may include Thyroid specific pathology and/or nutritional assessments.

Once results are received, these are discussed during the Implementation consultation where your previous results have been analysed with new ones along with with the information shared from your Initial Consultation.  This will include recommendations of supportive, specific supplementation.

We then follow up with an Integration Consultation to consolidate your progress.


Initial Consultaton 

90-120 Mins

We bathe in your symptoms.

Meeting face to face or via zoom. 


Implementation Consultation 


Once again face to face or via Zoom

Exploration of outcomes

Discussion of new results and moving forward with a plan.


Integration Consultation 


Review and revise.

Checking-in with your progress so far.

Sneak Peek behind the scenes of what I do

  • Pre-read your submitted on-line form answers before we first speak
  • Take comprehensive notes and ask lots of questions while we chat
  • Spend an hour or more reviewing your old test results
  • Research your medication for drug interactions with supplements
  • Organise specific tests for you to have including price comparisons
  • Learn of new results which may require a discussion with the lab
  • Review your case again to compare new results
  • Preparing your first protocol, ensuring complementary supplements
  • Ongoing reassessment of supplements and compatibility
  • Reply to emails and text messages during the process

Would you like me to do all this for you?

The steps to take next:

1. Congratulate yourself for taking a huge step to working on your Thyroid health.  Be proud you have put yourself first.

2. Book and pay online here for the Initial Naturopathic Consultation at the time and date of your choice. You will receive an email confirmation with links to pre-consultation forms.

 3. We meet online via zoom for the first time you will receive a link to zoom before our conversation. Otherwise, it will be an in-person consultation. This consultation is all about you, discussing your answers placed in the Naturopath Consultation questionnaire and the Metabolic Balance Program Forms.

4. Arrangements will be made for your Thyroid Blood Tests and/or other nutritional assessments.

5. Getting together again to discuss the outcome of your latest blood test and/or nutritional functional testing. Working along with lifestyle changes, a bespoke supplement plan is usually discussed with various options.

6. Through making subtle or major changes in your lifestyle, what you consume and what supplements you take can often see remarkable changes within a short period of time. During this consultation we check in to see how the protocol is working for you, making adjustments where needed

Total AUD 499.00

Pay only a deposit of AUD 99.00 today

When you book your Initial Consultation

This is a non-refundable deposit

On completion of your Initial Naturopathic Consultation, you will be invoiced for AUD 400 which you may pay in full via direct bank deposit, EFTPOS, Visa, AMEX, JCB, MasterCard.

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