Thyroid Harmony Method

Are you hypothyroid, hormonal, hot and heavy?

Seeking consistent, cool, calm & comfortable?

Sick of dragging your feet, have a fuzzy brain and missing out on life?

* Are you googling at 1am, desperate to find a miracle cure for thyroid recovery?

* Cancel frequently on social events you’d love to go to, but just feel too worn out?

* Feel like you are wasting time and money on supplements that are not ideal for you?

* Not sure what to eat and second-guess the foods needed for your thyroid health?

* Hot flushes and embarrassing sweats driving you crazy?

* Hitting the pump and gym classes, eating like a sparrow and still putting on the kilos?



* Feel the difference when every morsel you eat is nourishing and nurturing 

* Find more time in your day to do the things you love, because you are no longer a ‘couch potato’

* Sleep right through the night, google by day for fun activities you’d love 

* Throw out those diet pills and bin those cardboard teeth breaking bars, eat fresh and simply

* Finally, donate that wardrobe of clothes that no longer fit, you no longer need to cover up!

* Feel confident you are taking the right supplements to help your thyroid and gut health

* Lose weight while not working out! Yes, you read that right


For a number of years, I have worked with women’s thyroid health.  Despite having multiple thyroid symptoms (eg feeling the cold, hair loss, fatigue), the most important result is usually to lose weight and keep it off.

This frustration can now be put in the past, by eating from a nutrition plan, procured by your body’s metrics and personal blood tests.  This the foundation nutrition in the Thyroid Harmony Method.

Rest assured you are not crazy!  This is definitely not all in your head.  It’s a common fear that my ‘Women Wellness Warriors’ experience and fortunately I know about these complex biochemical pathways in which you find yourself entangled and help unknot.

Thyroid doctor speak can be difficult enough to work out, even harder when you have a fuzzy brain.  Find out clearly what is happening in your butterfly gland in simple words. 

Are you simply too tired with a foggy brain to work out the best foods for your thyroid health?  Using a simple and clearly laid out plan takes all the stress and worry away.  Feel assured that your unique nutrition plan has moved through over 10,000 algorithms and created just for you.

Do you feel as if your thyroid is letting you down and slowing your metabolism? I can tell you that, yes, you can really reset that energy-burning machine at the same time as helping the health of your thyroid. 

Feeling like you are in hormone havoc and simply not sure if you will last the incessant hot flushes, mood swings and lack of sleep?  Eating to reset your metabolism has huge benefits to regulating your sex hormones.

I would definitely say having a personal eating plan made for me has helped me lose weight with few hunger cravings.  I love the variety of food allowed especially the different fish and meats and I found it really easy to understand.

Jenny WA

After listening to me ramble on she suggested the metabolic diet (life change). Its been just over 3 months now and I feel like I am back in my 20’s (I am mid-late 40’s). I feel so energised, healthy, awake and the biggest bonus is I have lost so much weight.

I feel normal again, which I never thought would happen. All without any exercise apart from walking the dog. My food choices are now centered around what I am able to eat (the blood tests define the foods).

Lindy WA

A few months ago I also signed up for the Metabolic Balance program with Beth. Wow! This just amped up my healing in a way I never thought possible. I honestly have never felt better. I have heaps of energy, I’m enthusiastic about life, I want to do things and go places with my family and I’ve been able to return to full-time work which I never thought would be possible.

Sally WA

What does your Thyroid Harmony Method look like?

This ‘roadmap’ shows you the steps you will take for a complete body reset, enable to you to address the core issues of your Tired Thyroid or Hormone Havoc, lose weight and feel fantastic.

Who is the Thyroid Harmony Method for?

* You are unable to lose weight because of being underactive/hypothyroid

* Have trouble balancing your thyroid medications

* You want to reduce your inflammation and antibodies from Hashimotos

* Are wanting to understand the drivers of your thyroid condition and want to take steps to address these  

Your Thyroid Harmony Method Includes:

A Wellness Consultation, reviewing:

– your current symptoms

– past history

– medications

– supplements

– previous blood test results

– body metrics assessment


* Metabolic Balance Weight Loss nutrition plan presentation including:

– Details of exactly what food to eat that is matched to your body for best results

– Shopping lists

– Daily & Weekly progress reports

– Online recipes and inspirations to make your plan work for you


* In-depth analysis of your pathology (bloods for Metabolic Balance Plan are additional and begin at $159)

– Personalised bespoke nutritional supplements.


* Weekly private individualised coaching with savvy Thyroid Naturopath for 16 consecutive weeks to ensure your success.


* Lifetime access to an online library jammed packed full of videos, worksheets, and resources over 30 hours worth, including:


– Understand what your Thyroid blood results mean so you no longer need to rely on someone else to interpret them

– Learn ‘Thyroid Talk’ so you never have to be baffled again by all the “T” words

– Work through your own symptoms and define your triggers with the TimeLine Tracker

– Learn how to take your Basal Body temperature to gauge your thyroid health

– Finally, get your head around how thyroid hormones are made and what that means for your personal circumstance



– Learn how to support your sleep during daylight hours and tips for a great nights sleep

– Find out how Oestrogen is affecting your waistline and progesterone is linked with stress



– The mysterious MTHFR gene and how it may be affecting your health


Digestion & Detoxification

– Take a gut journey with Digestion 101

– Full gut and microbiome restoration along with supplementation

– Have your own ‘Poo Profiler’

And so much more…


Plus Bonus Mindset module including:

* Curb your cravings with ease, and learn what you are really hungry for

* Stand up to your self-sabotage and eat mindfully to create lasting change

* Complete gut support regime and learn what your symptoms are saying about your digestion


* 100% support and connectivity via:

– Exclusive membership to Metabolic Balance app

– Client recipe sharing facebook group membership

– Private client facebook group membership for support

– 100% connectivity via email with questions personally answered for duration of your membership


Optional Extra

* Once we clear away easily resolved symptoms by eating food that is perfect for your body, you have the option of taking your health to the next level by using a Functional Test of choice to get to the crux of your main symptoms. Functional  Test examples are at Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) for nutrient deficiencies and heavy metals, Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones (DUTCH) or gut investigations such as GI Mapping or SIBO tests.  While these are optional and additional costs for the tests, the actual assessment consultation is included in the Thyroid Harmony Method.



 Investment details for the

Thyroid Harmony Method

Commonly asked questions

What if I am a Coeliac or eat Gluten-free does the plan cater to me?

Your plan would be completely grain-free for a Coeliac and there are Gluten-free options.

I don’t want to lose weight, I just want to feel better, can this help?

Yes, it’s perfect!  A Metabolic Balance Plan is not only for weight loss, but it can also be used for healing and hormone balancing even if you desire no weight loss.  The Metabolic Balance Plan can also be used for weight gain.

How does the food plan work? Are the meals delivered?

You receive a detailed Nutrition Meal Plan outlining whole foods options.

As this menu plan is selected for you individually, not everyone is the same

This means you will have to prepare your meals. The benefit is you’ll be able to pick and choose the food you love to eat!

I’m fussy, what sort of food will I be given?

100% whole food selection.

Your plan meals will be divided into Protein, Vegetable and Fruit and a Bread group (which is always Rye)

The variety within these groups will depend on your body’s metrics and health criteria that are submitted to Metabolic Balance Headquarters in Germany.

What if I don’t like some of the food, can it be swapped for something else?

No. You simply avoid eating that food.  It is really important to remember why you have chosen this form of healing in the first place.  Most likely you have been eating a lot of foods that are not right for you – even the healthy variety.  This may mean experimenting a little.  I always encourage you to try these new foods once you become healthier and are enjoying your new state of health. 

Who does the blood tests?

A professional Phlebotomist from your local Pathology lab will take your blood and the results will come straight to me. The cost is additional to the Metabolic Hormone Method. You will pay the Pathology company directly.

Can I get the blood test done through my Dr?

Yes, you can, although I have often witnessed a client’s frustration and delays, sometimes weeks, caused by some tests not being requested. There may be an additional small fee when this occurs.

Will I get to my goal weight (Phase 4) within the 16 weeks?

It will depend on your starting weight whether you reach Phase 4 within the 16 weeks or not.

What happens after 16 weeks if I haven’t got to my health goal?

Ongoing weekly accountability and naturopathic support after your 16 weeks may be continued with a monthly subscription. 

So what if you do nothing? 

Take no action and in 16 weeks, you wake up the same way you did today.

How long have you been feeling not right, days, weeks, months, most likely years?

With a little action now, you can begin your health journey as quickly as a week and feel the benefits of eating ‘uniquely you’ nutrition.

Are you that human that needs to know there is a real person on the other side? Because I know I am.

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