No Motivation? It may be your FOXA2

No Motivation? It may be your FOXA2

Feel like this guy?

You know that feeling, you’ve got no energy, can’t be bothered, just want to sleep, know you should move, but you don’t.

Now you can say “Oh, it’s just my FOXA2″

What?? I’ve heard of that!

Unfortunately, being careful or not in choosing your food, there are loads of simple sugars in our diet and it is super easy to be eat a lot of simple sugars daily.  These can be obvious or disguised.

This regular steady influx of  sugars require consistently levels of insulin.  This is the  hormone is needed for the sugar to enter into our cells.  It is stored in our muscles first and if energy is not needed, that extra sugar goes into fat cells and makes more fat cells when these get full as well.  

FOXA2 is your get up and go enzyme, it makes you want to move around and exercise.  Interestingly, when you get appetite for your next meal and have to find the energy to prepare it, that is FOXA2 – creating the desire to eat and the energy to do it as our ancestors had to find the energy to hunt for their next meal.  

FOXA2 reduces with high insulin, which comes from consuming regular sugars, so the lethargy increases.

So to get your FOXA2 high, then you need to cut the sugars down so you have fasting states which reduces the insulin.

Simple really, so if you want to find the desire to move and exercise you are best to work on your diet first, then you will feel like uncurling and get moving.

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