Wellness Weigh In 20-30mins $Free

Naturopathic Consultation 90 mins $167 

Wellnes Consultation 90 mins $167

Functional Tests

Pathology for a Metabolic Balance Nutritional Plan from $159

Please enquire for other Functional Test Prices as there are many options.  


Metabolic Balance 10 Weeks $1,497

Health Harmony Method 16 Weeks $1,997

Thyroid Harmony Method 16 Weeks $1,997

Monthly & Weekly Payment Plans available

 This pricing information is accurate at time of publishing, prices may vary, current price will be applied at time of Consultation or Program. 

Not sure? Want to know more, but still too shy to make a Wellness Weigh In booking? 

Why not come over and join my free facebook hub. You’ll learn a lot there just by being in the group, getting to know me and perhaps I can help you at later date.

Thyroid*Metabolic*Hormone Harmony Hub

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