Eat your way to hormone happiness guided by Beth 

This is something a bit special –

a meal plan created using your body’s metrics.



The years have whizzed by supporting the hubby, the kids, the career.

You are left like an empty shell, struggling to feel like you know you should. 

Despairingly, you don’t know where to start.

You already know your diet isn’t perfect but it’s all too overwhelming to even think about.

You want your solution all laid out and simple. 


The great thing is, you’re already half-way there!

You have DCD:

Drive. Commitment. Determination.


So, what else do you need?

How about a nutritious meal plan made just for you, using only information about you?

Truly biochemistry at its finest.


Yep, easy peasy.


Before Your Metabolic Balance Program During Your Metabolic Balance Program
It’s early morning and as you start to wake, you roll over and…..

You feel that stiffness already. It reminds you are back into this world.


You stretch your legs out long and it feels incredible as you feel your muscles tingle with delight.  Sooo good know that your new exercise routine is working.
You lie there for a moment and take a breath, waiting for your brain to connect to your body. Ahhh, there it is, the reminder that it is a new day with the same old problems.

Not a moment to waste, the sun is urging you out of bed, the cool air beacons for your breath during an early morning brisk walk.


The day screeches at you, demanding that you be in it, the clock is ticking.


Back home now and plenty of time to throw a load of washing on, and mentally prepare today’s checklist.

Like being on autopilot, you begin to do the bathroom thing, the shower, the kitchen, the coffee.


After an invigorating self-lymph massage you get fresh in the shower,

your mind is sharp and focused, excited about today and the challenges ahead.

Breakfast?  It’s just too much to stomach.



Hungry and ready for a deliciously nutritious combination from your Metabolic Balance Plan.  You find it easy to prepare and love knowing it is 100% good for you.
You take your safe clothes from their hanger (‘gotta love that easy fit floral) while the other 99% hang like ghosts, waiting for their glory day. You know that one, where you wake 5kg lighter and don’t bloat by 10 am. Swanning into your closet admiring your wearable wardrobe. Ghosts back to life, safe clothes binned, 5kg lighter you chose a slim fit pair of pants because bloating is a thing of the past.
Work today, you are required to be on the ball and top of it all.

Expresso coffee number two.


Already a litre up on your water intake, eyes sparkly white, no need for an extra perk up, you’re dynamite
Running late for lunch on the run, making a known broken promise that tomorrow you will do better.  Checking the clock, tools down, lunchtime.  You relish the freshness of your meal, crunchy crisp, nourishing and delicious too.
It’s 3 pm and you start to crash, it’s always the same, like a familiar friend, the fog comes in. You grapple for that choc coated muesli bar (healthy right?) or to hell with it, no use pretending, get that leftover cake in the fridge, which goes straight to your waist.

There’s no stopping you now, an extra productive hour is found in your day as you continue to complete your tasks with ease.


The day is late, the work is done, you’ve given of yourself, done favours, meet deadlines, tallied up and completed tasks. It’s time for home.

Family life awaits, the kids are older, just you and hubby, something hot, something quick. 

Let’s do take out tonight. Yep, completely fresh, home-made, quick and hits the spot.
Finally, a moment to relax, a wine fixes that, and you take a moment to settle into your fav spot. 
An hour or two goes by and Hubby gives you the nudge, you wake with a jolt, time to go to bed. An hour or so goes by, you’ve done some chores, called a friend and planned for tomorrow.  Lights out hubby, let’s go to bed.


You already know you are not interested in taking a load of weight loss pills, or much of any supplementation.  Loathe the idea of containers of weight loss powders and bars tasting like cardboard. You are looking for a real food, natural solution to lose some kilos, gain energy, and put a spring back into your step and a smile on your dial.

Something a bit special, a meal plan solution just for you:

The Metabolic Balance Program is the brainchild of Dr. Wolf Funfack, his Naturopathic wife, Birgit and her sister Silvia Bürkle, a food technologist in Germany during the late 1980s.

They worked on the hypothesis that when you are given all the nutrient requirements daily, it will bring hormones back into balance and the body naturally reset its metabolism.

It turns out it works pretty darn well.

Metabolic Balance is for you if:  Metabolic Balance is not for you if:

* You have Metabolic syndrome – high BP, high cholesterol with the risk of diabetes type II and want to eat better.

* You are looking for long term change and are in for the long haul.

* You have tried many other ‘weight loss’ methods and nothing has worked.

* You want a ‘real food solution’ i.e. no protein powders, protein bars or meal replacements of any kind.

* You love personalisation, support, and encouragement with accountability at designated times.

* You do not want to change the food you eat

* You are actively trying to become pregnant within the next 3 months

* You are already pregnant

* You are breastfeeding

* You are a Vegan

* You have a BMI of less than 18


How does it work?

The Metabolic Balance Program includes your Metabolic Balance Nutrition Plan along with 7 coaching consultations over 12 weeks.

The coaching is designed to move you through the four phases of the program with a professional one to one supervision and accountability professional.

Phase 1

A gentle preparation phase of change from the old to the new.

Two days of taking the hard work from the digestive system, rest and rebalancing.

No heavy detoxification or purging required. 

Phase 2

This is were the magic happens, following  simple Metabolic Balance guidelines and adhering to your Plan in perfect synchronisation switches the body from burning simple glucose for fuel to your deeply set fatty deposits. Truly biochemistry at it’s finest. 

Phase 3

Continuing with what I refer to as “your safe foods”, you work steadily towards your goal weight.  By now feeling more energised with various  health benefits becoming evident. Of course while similarities are present,  these can be different for everyone. 

Phase 4

Reached when you hit your goal weight and commit to your “new normal” as an ecstatic client declared.  Remember from where you came, if you do the same thing you will get the same results. It is your choice to continue with good healthy eating habits.

The beauty of this program is that you may experience other health benefits such as increased energy, ability to manage daily tasks with ease, wake feeling invigorated and helping with digestive issues even if you have no weight to lose.  

The flexibility of the Metabolic Balance Programme speaks volumes for its quality and authenticity. 

 Support with one to one coaching is essential to ensure you are personally guided through the process, as the Metabolic Balance Program is just not words written on a piece of paper.

What now?


Book in for your Initial Consultation right now

Please choose “Initial Information Consultation (90 Mins)”


In your Initial Naturopathic Consultation, we will discuss the information disclosed in your online forms.

Your submission for your Metabolic Balance plan will be completed including your body’s measurements and any medical conditions and pharmaceuticals.

Blood tests will be arranged through your local pathology or GP.


It is an exciting time when you view your Metabolic Balance Plan for the first time, which may be within days.  

Your Metabolic Balance Program continues over 12 weeks.

Why Metabolic Balance?

Always on the prowl to deliver health solutions that work, Beth’s ears pricked up when she first learned of the Metabolic Balance Program. For many years, Beth has worked with clients with poor Thyroid health and found their first concern was always not being able to move the extra weight they were carrying.  Since coaching Metabolic Balance Program, Beth has witnessed successful weight loss within her Thyroid clients and now uses it as a base eating plan because of the numerous health benefits received from just eating real food suited to them. Biochemistry at it’s best.

Take a peek at some Metabolic Balance Meals

These are based on my own meal plan, yours will be different.

They can be as simple or as complex as you make them.  

The steps to take next:

  1. Congratulate yourself for taking a huge step toward your new normal. Be proud you have put yourself first and chosen a real food nutrition program.


2. Book and pay online here for the Initial Naturopathic Consultation at the time and date of your choice. You will receive an email confirmation with links to pre-consultation forms.

 3. We meet online via zoom for the first time you will receive a link to zoom before our conversation. Otherwise, it will be an in-person consultation. This consultation is all about you, discussing your answers placed in the Naturopath Consultation questionnaire and the Metabolic Balance Program Forms.

4. Arrangements will be made for your Metabolic Balance Blood Tests via your GP or direct with your local collection centre.

5. Once your blood tests are received and all paperwork has been completed then your Metabolic Balance Plan can be generated with Metabolic Balance Headquarters in Germany.

 6. Then the first of our seven Metabolic Balance Coaching consultations and marks the beginning of 12 weeks. This is the most anticipated and exciting as we explore your Nutrition Plan in-depth, explain the guidelines and get your comfortable with your Metabolic Balance Plan.  We set the dates for your follow-up coaching consultations.

 7. If you are an in-person client your plan will be presented to you in person, if you are a zoom client, it will be delivered or posted out to you at no extra cost.

8. Six Metabolic Balance Coaching consultations are to follow in succession over the next 12 weeks. These are strategically scheduled for optimisation of the Metabolic Balance Plan Phases. In-person clients will have body metrics taken, zoom clients will need access to a set of scales and tape measure.

 9. After 12 weeks, celebrations are in order as you may have reached your goal weight. This will depend on the weight loss that you are seeking.  You may be celebrating also as many of your baseline symptoms have simply melted away.

What is included in the Metabolic Balance Program?


One 90-minute Naturopathic consultation where it’s time to lay all your health concerns on the table. Leave nothing out, every little symptom is a piece is of importance in the greater puzzle of you.  Gathering information for your baseline from whence your new health journey will begin.


Body metrics, weight, height, and blood test results gathered and submission for your Metabolic Balance Plan.


One 60-minute Plan Presentation consultation. Your introduction to your new normal.  A comprehensive explanation of your Metabolic Balance plan to get you started straight away with confidence and ease.


Support 24/7 for 12 weeks via email, text and private Facebook group with other Metabolic Balance Alumni coached by me. Also, access to the Metabolic Balance App with your login and access to your entire plan phase by phase. Be confident you have a genuine plan via this App and confirm its legitimacy via online registration to Metabolic Balance Head Quarters in Germany


Six 30-minute face to face in person or via zoom, coaching consultations to guide you through the various phases of the Metabolic Balance program.


Personal 30-page Metabolic Balance Nutrition Plan

Personalised Metabolic Balance menu plan and shopper guides

Metabolic Balance rules and treat meal options

Self-reporting Daily and Weekly Progress reports


Plus Bonus Gifts

Incredible at-home access to Naturopathic Yoga with nearly 70 sequences and meditations, one to suit every day. Choose from Thyroid & Metabolism, Women’s Balance, Rest & Digest, Morning Energiser, Cleansing the Liver, Anxiety, Weight loss and more.  Proudly supporting Naturopath Amy Mingin.

Stimulate and revitalise your lymphatic system in the comfort of your home with incredible LymFATic magnetic massage gloves and cream. After dry brushing the skin moving lymph, shower with the magnetic side of the gloves for a deep massage. Boost the skin with the luxurious smelling LymFATic cream. Proudly supporting Naturopath Chelsey Jean. 

Gifts from Metabolic Balance to you. Awesome Metabolic Balance Canvas shopping bag for your fresh vegetable. Colourful Metabolic Balance Rules fridge magnets to keep you on track. Sophisticated Metabolic Balance Glass water bottle for subtle water reminders. Classy Metabolic Balance shopping list Pen.

Total AUD 1,597.00

Book and pay only AUD 97 today to secure your Initial Consultation appointment. 

On completion of your Initial Naturopathic Consultation, you will be invoiced for AUD 1,500 which you may pay in full, fee free in clinic via EFTPOS, Visa, AMEX, JCB, MasterCard.

The deposit of AUD 97 is non-refundable.  Payment Plans available.

Full payment must be received in full or a payment plan has been set up in Ezidebit before your information is submitted to Metabolic Balance Headquarters for your Metabolic Balance Nutrition Plan to be finalised.

I feel so energised, healthy, awake and the biggest bonus is I have lost so much weight. I feel normal again, which I never thought would happen.

Lindy WA

Beth has helped me to completely restructure my eating habits with ease.  No only did I lose over 8 kilos in 12 weeks but I have so much more energy throughout the day.  I sleep better and am a lot happier within my life over all.  

Elly WA

I am extremely happy with the Metabolic Balance program, I have lost 12 kg in just 5 weeks!

I no longer wake up with tingles and numbness in my hands or stiff feet. I have loads more energy throughout the day.

I feel like I have come alive again!

Stephanie WA

Commonly asked questions

What if I am a Coeliac or eat Gluten-free does the plan cater to me?

Your plan would be completely grain-free for a Coeliac and there are Gluten-free options.

I don’t want to lose weight, I just want to feel better, can this help?

Yes, it’s perfect!  Metabolic Balance is not only for weight loss, but it can also be used for healing and hormone balancing even if you desire no weight loss.  The Metabolic Balance Program can also be used for weight gain.

How does the food plan work? Are the meals delivered?

No, you are receiving a Nutrition meal Plan detailing whole foods options.

As these options are selected for you individually, not everyone is the same

This means you will have to prepare your meals. The benefit is you’ll be able to pick and choose the food you love to eat.

I’m fussy, what sort of food will I be given?

100% whole food selection.

Your plan meals will be divided into Protein, Vegetable and Fruit and a Bread group.

The variety within these groups will depend on your body’s metrics and health criteria that are submitted to Metabolic Balance Headquarters in Germany.

What if I don’t like some of the food, can it be swapped for something else?

No. You simply avoid eating that food.  It is really important to remember why you have chosen this form of healing in the first place.  Most likely you have been eating a lot of foods that are not right for you – even the healthy variety.  This may mean experimenting a little.  I always encourage you to try these new foods once you become healthier and are enjoying your new state of health. 

Who does the blood tests?

A professional Phlebotomist from your local Pathology lab will take your blood and the results will come straight to me. The cost is additional to the Metabolic Balance Coaching Program. You will pay the Pathology company directly.

Can I get the blood test done through my Dr?

Yes, you can, although I have often witnessed a client’s frustration and delays, sometimes weeks, caused by some tests not being requested.

Will I get to my goal weight (Phase 4) within the 12 weeks?

It depends on your starting weight whether you reach Phase 4 within the 12 weeks or not.

You already know that weight loss has to at a reasonable rate. On average I witness about 12-14kg over the 12 weeks.  It is individual for each person.

What happens after 12 weeks if I haven’t got to my goal weight?

If you are on a specific weight loss journey and you choose to go it alone, you will always have the Facebook group for support. Should you enjoy accountability with one to one consultations and weigh-ins these this can easily be continued. 

So what if you do nothing?  

Take no action and in 12 weeks, you wake up the same way you did today. 

How long have you been feeling not right, days, weeks, months, most likely years? 

With a little action now, you can begin your health journey as quick as a week and start to feel the benefits.

Are you that human that needs to know there is a real person on the other side? Because I know I am.

Book a 15 minute free chat here or email me at if your questions have not been covered here.

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