Metabolic Balance 

Align your body and food for metabolic harmony

Feel incredible by eating food from a meal plan created with your body’s metrics using a Metabolic Balance nutrition plan.

Metabolic Balance is simply ‘Uniquely You Nutrition’

A Metabolic Balance nutrition plan is as unique to you as your fingerprint, created with your own blood results and your body’s metrics.

Seriously, you can’t get more personalised than that.

What makes Metabolic Balance different to other ‘diets’?

A Metabolic Balance nutrition plan is not the next fad diet.  It incorporates all the nutrition that you need to create a change in your metabolism by simply eating real food.

A Metabolic Balance nutrition plan is fluid as it moves through 4 phases, allowing time for your metabolism to adjust, establishing long term change and a new awareness how to nourish your body with foods that are right for you.

No meal replacement shakes or dietary pills

A personalised Metabolic Balance nutrition plan is designed with such accuracy, there is no need to use dietary supplements that force you to burn extra calories or use meal replacements.   

A Metabolic Balance weight loss nutrition plan allows for healing

When you eat from your personal Metabolic Balance nutrition plan, you may be escalating recovery and healing due to the consumption of nutrients that possibly your body has been denied for quite some time.

Expect change for the better, optimising metabolism, increasing energy, sleep quality, and enjoyment of life. 

The origin of Metabolic Balance

Relatively new to the Australian marketplace, and soon to be a household name, the award-winning Metabolic Balance Program the origin of Metabolic Balance is credited to Dr. Wolf Funfack, his Naturopathic wife, Birgit, and her sister Silvia Bürkle, a food technologist in Germany during the late 1980s.

They worked on the hypothesis that when you are given all the nutrient requirements daily, it will bring hormones back into balance and the body naturally reset its metabolism.

Why Beth uses Metabolic Balance weight loss nutrition plans in Clinic

For many years, Beth has worked with clients having poor weight management due to their thyroid condition and improper sugar regulation and found little resolve with supplements alone.  She was thrilled to learn of the Metabolic Balance weight loss nutrition plans that offered an all natural food solution.

In 2018, she flew to from Perth to Brisbane so she could become a certified Metabolic Balance Practitioner and make it available to her clients in WA.   

Since coaching clients through a Metabolic Balance nutrition plan, Beth has witnessed successful weight loss within her thyroid clients and now uses it as a base nutrition for all her clients because of the numerous and significant health benefits gained.

Truly, biochemistry at it’s best.

Metabolic Balance Practitioner Quality Assuredness

As a pre-requisite, each Metabolic Balance Practitioner is required to be a qualified health professional, eg Naturopath or Nutritionist who undertakes the Metabolic Balance specialised training for accreditation and quality assuredness. 

Additionally, Beth ensures you receive a comprehensive health approach, not just a weight loss program, through her individually crafted Metabolic, Thyroid or Hormone Harmony Methods, which makes working with Beth an ideal solution to your health and weight loss challenges.

Metabolic Balance Authenticity Check

You can check for yourself that you have an original Metabolic Balance nutrition plan by submission of your personal code to Metabolic Balance Headquarters in Germany. Download the app here for google play or here for apple, in preparation for your personal plan.

A Metabolic Balance weight loss nutrition plan is for you if:

You have metabolic syndrome, that includes any or all of: High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Risk of Diabetes Type 2.

You are looking for a long-term change with your eating and are in it for the long haul.

You have tried many other weight loss methods and nothing has worked.

You are seeking an all-natural food solution, ie. No meal replacements powders, protein bars, or diet supplements.

You love personalisation, support, and encouragement with accountability to see you through.

A Metabolic Balance weight loss nutrition plan is not for you if:

You do not want to change the food you eat.

You are actively trying to become pregnant within the next three months.

You are already pregnant.

You are breastfeeding.

You are a vegan.  Please note that Vegetarians are catered for.

You have a BMI of less than 18.


Take a peek at some Metabolic Balance Nutrition Plan Meals

They can be as simple or as complex as you make them.

Your Metabolic Balance nutrition plan is the foundation to one of these Methods:

Thyroid * Metabolic * Hormone

All methods include optional Gut support and repair.


 Investment details for the

Metabolic Balance Weight Loss Method

I feel so energised, healthy, awake and the biggest bonus is I have lost so much weight. I feel normal again, which I never thought would happen.

Lindy WA

Beth has helped me to completely restructure my eating habits with ease.  No only did I lose over 8 kilos in 12 weeks but I have so much more energy throughout the day.  I sleep better and am a lot happier within my life over all.  

Elly WA

I am extremely happy with the Metabolic Balance program, I have lost 12 kg in just 5 weeks!

I no longer wake up with tingles and numbness in my hands or stiff feet. I have loads more energy throughout the day.

I feel like I have come alive again!

Stephanie WA

Commonly asked questions

What if I am a Coeliac or eat Gluten-free does the plan cater to me?

Your plan would be completely grain-free for a Coeliac and there are Gluten-free options.

I don’t want to lose weight, I just want to feel better, can this help?

Yes, it’s perfect!  A Metabolic Balance Plan is not only for weight loss, but it can also be used for healing and hormone balancing even if you desire no weight loss.  The Metabolic Balance Plan can also be used for weight gain.

How does the food plan work? Are the meals delivered?

You receive a detailed Nutrition Meal Plan outlining whole foods options.

As this menu plan is selected for you individually, not everyone is the same

This means you will have to prepare your meals. The benefit is you’ll be able to pick and choose the food you love to eat!

I’m fussy, what sort of food will I be given?

100% whole food selection.

Your plan meals will be divided into Protein, Vegetable and Fruit and a Bread group (which is always Rye)

The variety within these groups will depend on your body’s metrics and health criteria that are submitted to Metabolic Balance Headquarters in Germany.

What if I don’t like some of the food, can it be swapped for something else?

No. You simply avoid eating that food.  It is really important to remember why you have chosen this form of healing in the first place.  Most likely you have been eating a lot of foods that are not right for you – even the healthy variety.  This may mean experimenting a little.  I always encourage you to try these new foods once you become healthier and are enjoying your new state of health. 

Who does the blood tests?

A professional Phlebotomist from your local Pathology lab will take your blood and the results will come straight to me. The cost is additional to the Metabolic Hormone Method. You will pay the Pathology company directly.

Can I get the blood test done through my Dr?

Yes, you can, although I have often witnessed a client’s frustration and delays, sometimes weeks, caused by some tests not being requested. There may be an additional small fee when this occurs.

Will I get to my goal weight (Phase 4) within the 10 weeks?

It will depend on your starting weight whether you reach Phase 4 within the 10 weeks or not.

What happens after 10 weeks if I haven’t got to my goal weight?

Ongoing weekly accountability and naturopathic support after your 10 weeks may be continued with a monthly subscription. 

Think what you are reading is too good be true? 

Then take a look at the official Metabolic Balance Site

So what if you do nothing? 

Take no action and in 10 weeks, you wake up the same way you did today.

How long have you been feeling not right, days, weeks, months, most likely years?

With a little action now, you can begin your health journey as quickly as a week and feel the benefits of eating ‘uniquely you’ nutrition.

Are you that human that needs to know there is a real person on the other side? Because I know I am.

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