Often when we are starting a new eating habit, there is an initial ‘shock’ factor and concern that we are not going to be able to manage the family and that everyone has to eat so differently and how is that all going to work out, as inevitably is up to you to do all the food preparation in an effort to appease everyone and get the results that you desire. 

Here are some tips about how to manage your family and their needs as well as yours and how you make everyone’s world pivot in a good way.

So, to begin, how do you plan meal? – What is everyone going to eat?

  1. In your planning, think about the protein component first. Is it going to be a fish, meat, chicken, legume dish etc?  For meals that you are going to share, have a protein type that suits you, everyone needs proteins, ideally three times per day.
  2. How are you going to cook it? Slow cook, fry, poach, bake? You can cook proteins in water (poach, slow cook), fry or bake with good quality oils (olive, coconut, ghee). No vegetable oil, please.
  3. You may decide that one night, the family will have a premade batch-cooked meal from the freezer while having your own special protein that may not be in the family budget. You are healing, this is your medicine.
  4. What vegetables are going to be eaten, what are the standard ones the family will eat? It is quite common that likes and dislikes are seen here, it doesn’t take much to add or take away to suit various requests, or you have a ‘try it all on your plate” general rule.
  5. It doesn’t have to completely be a ‘you and them’ scenario, it can be a blend, and as a parent, preparing meals with slightly different combinations is reasonably common.
  6. Remember that every ‘body’ is designed by nature to eat proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates. Everyone needs all of these things in a balanced way. 
  7. Think about the foods you already prepare? Do they compose of these things? If not regularly, then the whole family will benefit to eating in a healthier way.

Planning meals – Putting pen to paper

Consider a 14-day cycle of meals, if you feel that is too overwhelming then begin with a week.  Then the following week, make up a new menu and so forth.  You will soon start to see that common meal feature.  You can then recycle these meal planners. 

Or if you want to think for a longer time period straight up, then start with family favourites that you may like to have once or twice in that time. 

Include then a few dishes of yours that you think that the family can eat, you may have to make a slight variation for yours. Include an easy ‘treat’ or a simple meal for one night a week, Friday night works well, so you can take a break.

Batch cooking – A huge time and decision saver

Choose meals for the family that can be made in bulk and easily frozen that will still turn out well when thawed like stews, slow cookers, soups, lasagne, crumbed chicken, schnitzel etc

You can batch cook all in the same day or if you are making meals as you go, make a double batch and freeze the second.

Meal preparation – Making life easier

For meals that are going to be freshly prepared before serving, do the prep soon after you’ve purchased the product. Trim, cut, and weigh meats before freezing for the recipe that you are using.  If you are making several meals this way, you may have to label the item and dedicate it to that recipe dish, especially if you are sharing meal prep with others, who are ‘doing their own thing’ so they don’t eat what is specifically for you.

Shopping – Using lists make it easy

Do a stock take before shopping to make sure you have all the ingredients for your recipes, simple I know, but it’s easy one and forgetting an item can lead to a no-meal deal and it’s easy to get caught out. 

Do one big shop per week for all your big items, so you have food at the ready all the time. Plan for the shopping day and allow time for the shop and time once at home to sort, prep and store, as it can take a few hours. 

You may have to ‘scheduled’ in your shopping time, so it comes before something else pops up.  Apart of eating well for your health is the respect you give yourself and honour the time you use to nurture the future you.

Encourage others – It’s more fun to share the load

This is a great learning time for those that surround you, I know it is bliss going out shopping on your own, and maybe the only time you get for yourself!  But at the right age, it is a great learning tool for your children, I get mine to read labels and chat about sugar content all.the.time.

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