Functional Tests


Reviewing blood tests and connecting the relevance to your current health concerns can be insightful and assist in guidance to the most appropriate method of therapies.

All pathology is important, not just the ones that are specific to your main concern.

Pathology may identify:
* Oxygenation, through the size and shape of your red blood cells – this is important as they carry oxgenated blood to your smallest blood vessels in your body.

* Iron to check your absorption and the ability to use that Iron for cellular use. If you have little Iron there is a direct effect on the thyroid gland and energy performance. Too much may be a sign of inflammation (but you may be actually low in Iron too!)

* Liver function with signs of fatty liver, thyroid and digestive disorders

* Kidney function and excretion abilities

* Inflammation and current bacterial or viral infections through specific marker and your white blood cells

* Cholesterol and how your body manages the transport of digestive fats to the body for energy use and brings them back to the liver for recycling

*Acidity & Alkalinity which is important that your cells are bathed in the pH to enable their second by second tasks

*Thyroid to check how well it is coping with your current health, what is the T4 and T3 results showing in your conversion and thirst for more thryoid hormone

This can all be ascertained by regular pathology, plus so much more with specfic indicated tests indicated from your presentation eg Thyroid Antibodies etc

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

A small sample of hair from the back of the head is sent to the lab, where experts are able to measure qantities of nutrients and toxic elements.

A full report is compiled to show your current status. The information is displayed in column graph form so it is easily viewed.

There are are many relationships between the elements themselves, some that work together and some that work against each other, so the expertise is acknowledging those. Also, toxic minerals may appear low to begin and then consequential tests may see the rise of these as they are being detoxified out.

Once any mineral, is stored in the hair it has become saturated the body’s usual stores and therefore any excess or deficient is seen in the hair.

Nutrients tested:
Boron, Calcium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, Sodium, Sulfur, Zinc

Toxic Elements
Aluminium, Antimony, Arsenic, Beryllium, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Uranium.

This valuable information to sheds light on possible toxic, deficiency and excess states of minerals that express themselves as symptoms in your body and mind such as:

Adrenal and stress dysfunction, anxiety, depression, nerve and corordination, brain function, thyroid, digestive disorders.

Heavy metals have a huge impact on the body as they can block normal physiological function.

Dried Urine Test for Comprehsive Hormones (DUTCH)

Hormones are vital for life. They are chemical messengers sent by our special glands in the body, such as the Thyroid, Adrenals, Ovaries and Testes.

More often than not, we experience symptoms of our hormones not being regulated properly and we may be making too much or two little of one or more hormones.

A simple non-invasive way to measure the results of ‘end production’ for sex hormones, cortisol (adrenals), neurotransmitters (brain hormones), the it has the gold standard test for Vitamin B12, oxidative stress, and organic acids that tell us what is going on upstream.

If gives an excellent snapshot and visual map of your hormones.

Collection is simple and collected by passing your stream of urine over filter papers which are then left to stand and dry. No concerns about a dry mouth and drooling into a sample tube. The dried papers are sent to the lab for analysis. You will receive a full comprehensive report.

A DUTCH is recommended for any sex hormonal disturbances, such as heavy periods, no or little periods, painful periods, spotting during cycles and fertility. Hormones also include the stress and inflammatroy cortisol and melatonin for sleep quality.

Other less comprehensive tests are also available depending on your presentation and need. Such as stand alone Cortisol & Melatonin.

More comprehensive information at RN Labs.


MTHFR & DNA Testing for Health

DNA Testing, without a doubt gives fundamental non-changing evidence of you as a human being.

Your ability to have fully functioning or compromised biochemical pathways give insight and clarity to how you function.

Working with the knowledge of some of the genes that have been extensively researched and found to have an implication on our daily function, mood, coping ability, detoxification and energy production may be useful in clarifying why some supplements don’t seem to work, or make you feel worse.

Knowing your MTHFR status is only one set of genes in thousands. If we take one gene, it has had to have coding from your Mother and your Father. So a gene that is expressing in your Mother (for example she has two of the same ++) you will get one of these + and then depending on your Father, he may have ++, +- or –-, so your outcome could be ++, or +-, but could never be — because you already have a + from your Mother. So it’s a 50/50 split.

Methylation is where a ‘Methyl group’ which is one carbon atom bonded to three hydrogen atoms moves though various cycles. The process of Methylation is paramount to our Folate cycle (fertility, pregnancy, DNA replication and repair), Cardio Vascular health (Homocysteine) Energy cycle (Krebs cycle), Mood (Dopamine), Sleep (Seratonin), Stress response (Adrenaline), Sleep (Melatonin).

Therefore working with the information of your whole methylation pathway gives good insights from how you use your folate from eating your green leafy vegetables, right through to thyroid, mood, sleep, heart & circulation, detoxification, energy and so much more.

There are are number of tests on the market with varying degrees of genes that they test for and you already may have one from such providers as 23 & Me that can be used to compile a Methylation Map.

Stool & Microbiome

Your microbiome is individual to you, so finding out who you are feeding in your gut is paramount to your health outcomes.

Stool analysis are varied in what they report on. Some will report on the macro sample, being what is seen under the microscope at the time. The next level is to grow the matter in a petri dish and then examine it. Other companies will extract the entire DNA of everything that is in the sample. They record all species with abundance of more than 0.05% of bacteria, archaea, fungi and protists.

From the report we can learn more about your general gut health, immunity, inflammation, metabolism and nervous system health.

Upper digestive tests are also available for suspected conditions such as H.Pylori and SIBO can also be undertaken according to symptoms.

Organic Acids

Sometimes we need to look at the end product of our working Biochemistry. This gives valuable information about what is going on in the inside.

The Organic Acid Test, commonly referred to as OAT, looks at 70 different ‘metabolites’ being the end product or waste matter of chemistry, rather than food waste such as a stool or microbiome test.

A very comprehensive report is produced from which focus assessments are clear such as Yeast and Fungal Markers, Bacteria & Clostridia. Energy and Neurotrasmitters (Brain stuff) Folate and some nutritional markers such as Vit B6, B12, B5, B2, Vit C and CoQ10. Assessment of your detoxification ability, amino acid profile.

All this from a 10ml sample of morning urine.

More comprehensive information at RN Labs

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