Most of you would have heard how important the gut is to our health and wellbeing.

Did you know that the gut is heavily influenced by what you eat and can if you radically change your diet you can see change in the microbiome within 24 hours!

The cells in your intestinal lining as they emerge from the lower layers, may only ever experience up to 9 meals in their lifetime, so every meal is a big event for these guys.

Incredible right?

Now think about it, how often do you start on a ‘health kick’ and within only a few days you start to feel better, or after you have had an indulgent weekend, it can take you a few days to get ‘back to normal’?

So, Hippocrates said that “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, and while it’s easy to say, seriously I think we don’t take the meaning to heart enough.

Food is essential to our being and the way that food is falsified to look and taste like food is almost criminal and is causing an obesity health crisis.  

So clearly eating good sources of proteins, vegetables, health fats and some grains is the best way to go.  Here’s the clincher though, and I see this one often, a great diet and you may be a ‘health nut’ and still the foods you are eating are causing havoc. 

Getting into the nitty gritty of the digestive system is key, because a food that is considered good for you may be playing havoc on the inside.  But the key is here, it is not so much the food, but the environment.  Have you ever heard of, or it may be happening to you, you eat great food, then find you become increasingly not able to tolerate many foods.

This can start a cycle of trying to work out what you can’t or can have.

There are many ways to improve the digestive system.  Luckily because we are all different one method will suit one person and another will suit someone else in terms of testing, non-testing and then the method of ‘treatment’ or healing.  The most important thing is that you find your way.  

I have often mused how wonderful it would be if we all had a door that we opened that viewed our gut so we could do a routine check to make sure we are functioning the way we should and make corrections easily.

However, we have been designed with intricate biochemistry that should be continued effortlessly during our lives, all covered up with fleshy tissue and skin, just like the inside workings of a thermomix or electric toothbrush.  It should just do its job efficiently without us ever knowing how exactly.

With modern intervention we have learned so much and how vitamins and minerals from proteins, fats and vegetables and their structures serve us.

Like-wise we can test for individual nutrients and anti-nutrients, like heavy metals and oestrogen disrupters.

This is all truly amazing and can be very helpful and when it comes to food, and the gut relationship, there can be many inflammatory reactions, some happen almost immediately and others can be days or even weeks.

I want to talk to you today about using real food, whole food, as nature intended to take the pressure off the gut, allow gut restoration and in many cases I have seen, the results have been in a reduction of inflammatory symptoms and signs through-out the entire body.

In one case, directly to the gut, a client with ulcerative colitis who had been on immune suppressants and after a short 8 weeks on a nutrition plan had a colonoscopy and was told that they would never have known they had colitis.

Another client said “I’ve had no indigestion, stomach cramps, or immediate urge for the bathroom whenever I eat. I have also had my menses, which I’ve not had properly in over 10years.”

So, if this is happening in the gut, then the effect in the body is systemic

I had a client with Lupus antibodies went from 8 Paracetamol per day to zero for pain relief!

And another with Hashimotos who said “I was very sick, fatigued, putting on weight and to be honest ready to give up” and after eating from her nutritional plan said that she felt so energised, healthy, awake and the biggest bonus is I have lost so much weight.

What is that telling us. Gut inflammation = systemic bodily inflammation.

Reduce inflammation, and reduce signs and symptoms, which I refer to as shaking rotten fruit from the tree to see what you have left.  Any major issues then are usually partially resolved, with niggly other symptoms removed altogether. Then a targeted treatment is more effective with less supplements and shorter duration of time and expense.

I like to keep my methodology fairly simple.  Use food that is aligned to your body to be the major healer, then support with digestive nutrients to create a dynamic gut environment, then work on what is remaining, if needed.

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