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Thank you to Beth for encouraging me to take part in this lifechanging experience. I was hoping to lose 10kg but instead exceeded my expectations and lost a total of 15kg …and it wasn’t even all that hard in comparison to some of the other nutritional programs I had been on in the past. Beth was absolutely awesome. She kept me motivated and on track., whilst being a fountain of knowledge. I would recommend this journey to everyone!! I should have done it 10years ago…but better late than never to gain control of one’s life!

Katy, WA

Working with Beth has been a revelation for me . 

There is not enough great words to describe how good Beth’s Metabolic Program has been for me.

The education on eating for my Body has been remarkable, and I have only just begun!!
I urge anyone that is reading this to simple my contact with Beth , You definitely won’t regret it.
It has been 1 of the best decisions of my life!
Thanks Beth , look forward to working with you more. 

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Pazz, WA

I would just like to say how grateful 💖 I am to Beth you have changed my life after many years of struggling with weight and health issues finally something that
really!!! really!!! Really !!! works
I have tried many systems over my journey as you all probably have too
Simple food for life ….
I haven’t felt this well healthy and energetic since my 40s now 65 and feel like 40 again amazing…if you want to give your body and life journey a chance to heal … this will work ..not only have I lost the weight Im alive again mind and body ….

A huge thanks Beth 💟

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Jo-Anne, WA

I have known Beth for a few years and finally took the challenge of doing the Metabolic Balance Program. I have lots of health issues and after 6 days on the program I feel absolutely wonderful. Feel healthy, No cravings just losing weight every single day and am completely over the moon. The results I see getting on the scale are my greatest inspiration- which sadly I have been lacking for too long! Beth is a fabulous coach and she is there to help me evey step of the way. She is a practitioner by heart and I absolutely highly recommend her. Thank you Beth!

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Freda, WA

My Journey on the Metabolic Balance 12 week plan has been the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Not only did I lose over 9 kilos I have learned how to respect my body by giving it the food it needs. I feel amazing, and that not only comes from the weight loss but also how great I feel eating the foods on my plan.

The plan was so easy to work with, I was always prepared for my meals the day ahead and it was easy to make them taste delicious! I never have stomach problems anymore and I never feel sluggish.

I’ve stopped self-sabotaging, I’ve learned that my body is not a bin. I don’t see myself ever changing the way they plan has taught me to eat. It is the definitely best lifestyle change! My confidence has grown incredibly and that was the main reason I decided to get onto the Metabolic Balance plan.

Beth has been so amazing and supportive the whole time holding me accountable and reminding me of why I was on the plan. I will never look back. Thank you so much Beth! This truly is the best change I have made for myself.

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Caitlin, WA

I have had such great results with eating from a  personalised nutritional plan made especially for me.

I have lost 8kg and feeling fabulous. My coach Beth Klenner has offered me a huge amount of ongoing support throughout my journey to reach my goal weight. Beth answered every one of my questions with no hesitation at all and was so helpful and supportive. I will continue to follow my food suggestions as I feel so good and am enjoying life so much more. 

I would definitely say having a personal eating plan made for me has helped me lose weight with few hunger cravings.  I love the variety of food allowed especially the different fish and meats and I found it really easy to understand.

I have had lots of incredibly positive comments from friends who have said “Look at you, you look great”. I have also gone down a dress size which is amazing and such a great feeling.

Jenny, WA

5 years ago, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis/Chrons and over time, this has progressively got worse with symptoms worsening and increasing difficulty trying to get it under control with medications. Two years of hard hitting immune suppressants and even they haven’t done much to improve things clinically.

Now, the thing with auto immune conditions is no-one knows why they happen which makes them hard to cure. Possibly hormones, genetics and environmental factors but there is increasing thinking that inflammation is at the core Even ASD, childhood leukaemia and diabetes are exploring inflammation as a cause.

So, before Xmas I decided to think outside the box and see a Naturopath. In my mind, I couldn’t rationalise how someone seemingly fit and well could suddenly flip into one with a chronic health condition that was impossible to treat. It was time to think beyond medications and try less “mainstream” ideas.

I was introduced to a new concept about diet and underwent blood tests to ascertain the most suitable foods for my body. In 8 short weeks, I not only lost over 7 kg with no exercise (and even a couple of bad weeks pre-Xmas) but I also noticed my symptoms and hormones improved.

So where am I going with this? Well today, I went for a routine colonoscopy. Every-time I’ve had one, the damage has been worse and progressed to new places but I hoped this would be different. And it was.

After the procedure, the consultant told me he would never have known I had colitis. There are no signs of it in my bowel at all- no signs of active inflammation or anything.

So….either it’s whopping coincidence OR what I’ve put into my body has turned things around.

Conclusion: I’m in remission. Let’s hope and pray it continues.

But….isn’t it interesting. Food is fuel and in this case it appears to have made all the difference ❤️

Emma, WA

Beth has helped me to completely restructure my eating habits with ease.  

Not only did I lose over 8 kilos in 12 weeks but I have so much more energy throughout the day.  I sleep better and am a lot happier with my life over all. 

I cannot thank Beth enough for guiding me through this life changing event and supporting me every step of the way.  It is not just about weight loss it is about eating healthy for the rest of your life and feeling really good about it. 

 I recommend Beth to all of my friends because I truly believe that she has helped me to understand what good living is all about.  I would personally give her 6 starts out of 5 if I could

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Elly, WA

I am so incredibly grateful to Beth and all that she has, and continues to do for me.

When I first consulted with her over 18 months ago, I was desperate and didn’t know who to turn to with regard to my health issues. I had a myriad of physical and cognitive issues and basically just felt like I couldn’t carry on in the same way for much longer.

All the conventional doctors and specialists that I consulted with over a period of about 20 years, told me that there was nothing wrong and that all my tests results were ‘within range’ so I must just be depressed! I knew this wasn’t the case and that there was more to it.

Beth not only listened to all my symptoms and believed me, she also recognised the problem areas immediately, provided support and encouragement and assured me that she could help. And help she did!

Beth was able to provide immediate relief from some of my symptoms whilst we ran tests and worked on the other symptoms. For the first time in my life someone was listening and taking me seriously and actually helping. 18 months on, I feel like a completely new person. Beth has worked patiently with me over the months to ensure that I grow from strength to strength.

A few months ago I also signed up for the Metabolic Balance program with Beth. Wow! This just amped up my healing in a way I never thought possible. I honestly have never felt better. I have heaps of energy, I’m enthusiastic about life, I want to do things and go places with my family and I’ve been able to return to full-time work which I never thought would be possible.

Beth is an amazing, kind and patient person. She is also a highly skilled and caring practitioner who has a passion for further learning and development which, in my opinion, makes her an absolute asset to have on my side.

I have already referred family and friends to Beth without hesitation. She has honestly changed my life! Thank you so much Beth

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Sally, WA

Beth is amazing. She not only listens to what your issues are she also cares. When I first visited Beth, I was very sick, fatigued, putting on weight and to be honest ready to give up. I visited my doctor beforehand and even though my antibodies were sky high he suggested I wait for 6 weeks and have another test. I needed more than this, so meeting Beth was the best thing I could have done.

After listening to me ramble on she suggested the metabolic diet (life change). Its been just over 3 months now and I feel like I am back in my 20’s (I am mid-late 40’s). I feel so energised, healthy, awake and the biggest bonus is I have lost so much weight.

I feel normal again, which I never thought would happen. All without any exercise apart from walking the dog. My food choices are now centered around what I am able to eat (the blood tests define the foods).

I love the food I can eat because it makes me feel good. I have my treat meals now and then, and after the initial 2 months I am able to eat whatever I want, however I still fall back to the foods I should eat. I never want to feel the way I did when I first met Beth and thanks to Beth I never have to feel that way again.

It is the best money I have ever spent. Our health deserves our attention and I believe it is money well invested. I have had so many comments on how well I look, feeling good is worth every dollar.. Thank you so much Beth 🙂

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Lindy, WA

Beth is a great listener. She will listen to symptoms and ask lots of questions to get to the bottom of health issues.

She is very knowledgeable and keenly digs about for information when something tricky comes up.

She takes a holistic approach to health. She’s been a massive help to me.

I’m grateful that she is such a dedicated professional. Thanks Beth.

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Sarah, WA

Professional, warm, understanding and very knowledgeable.

Highly recommend as both a Naturopath and Metabolic Balance Practitioner.

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Narelle, WA

Beth is passionate about what she does and really listens to you.

She gives you way more than you pay for and does extra research in her own time to make sure she is helping you as much as possible.

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I am extremely happy with the Metabolic Balance program, I have lost 12 kg in just 5 weeks!

I no longer wake up with tingles and numbness in my hands or stiff feet. I have loads more energy throughout the day.

I feel like I have come alive again!

The foods I have been given on my list are delicious and wholesome, I am totally satisfied and never feel hungry. I am exploring different foods that I never would have thought to eat before.

So happy to have found something so practical and simple that I can fit into my busy schedule and can also use as a lifelong guide!

Beth is amazing! She is professional, warm, understanding and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend as both a Naturopath and Metabolic Balance Practitioner.

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Stephanie, WA

I have tried almost every eating and exercise regime I could find and for the last 6 years I’ve not been able to budge my weight from 100kgs.

I met Beth and with all her advice, knowledge, positivity and inspiration I’m already down 6kgs in 2weeks.

However the many reason I joined the Metabolic Balance Program was to improve my health.

I am more impressed with the changes my system has made than the weight loss. I’ve had no indigestion, stomach cramps or immediate urge for the bathroom whenever I eat. I have also had my menses, which I’ve not had properly in over 10years.

Other health benefits I’ve noticed in this short time are lowered blood pressure, less anxiety and depression, no headaches, better sleep and more energy.

I could go on and on. I will be eternally grateful for meeting Beth and all her help.

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Marianne, WA

Male 57yrs, 100kg.  High blood pressure (medicated but still too high).  Auto immune disorder resulting in body and joint pain, fatigue, nausea. (medicated)

My general well-being had been deteriorating and I was uncomfortable with my weight. Often stomach bloated and joints inflamed.

My wife and I decided to do Metabolic Balance.

I had body measurements taken and a list of required blood tests to complete. 

Though our foods were different, my wife and I decided to start together, though she had already been reducing her food intake and upping her water drinking in preparation, I just crashed into it.

No alcohol, how would I manage? Turned out that was remarkably easy.

My body went into detox. Strange sensation, neither pleasant nor unpleasant but something was going on. I was happy to go with it.

Weighing in every day looking for change. And wow, 5 kgs gone in the first week!

We stuck to the plan rigidly.  We got better at meal preparation, planning ahead. The food became ample amounts. Had a few days of weight stabilising and then bang, another 5 kgs gone within that two weeks.

Now unstoppably motivated. Everything became easier.

My blood pressure came down. Weight loss had stagnated then dropped again in smaller increments. Time flying by. Seven weeks now. Made it to 85 kg. Stomach bloating gone. Inflammation gone. Blood pressure staying down, my next doctors appointment I will be seeking to reduce my medication.

Body pain reducing. Have gone from 8 Paracetamol per day to zero. Maybe I can get off some off this other medication?

Energy levels on the increase. Undertaking those put off chores. Well-being, I’m feeling fantastic!!!

Fitting in other events on social calendar. And it is actually easy to say ‘no’ to temptation.

I would recommend this life changing program to anybody.

Russell, Taranaki, NZ

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