Hormone Harmony


for Women wanting Wellness

Inspiring frazzled and fatigued women,

reclaim their sparkle and love the body they live in.

When your midnight is 8.30
Your dresses are too small
You’ve no energy for a ball

No desire to be flirty
You feel quite numb
And not much of a chum

You may be quite moody
Finding no comforting place
You just want to have space

Feeling quite gloomy
With hormones running  wild
You’re feeling quite wired

Where is the fun?
The frills and the frolics
Missed out? No chance, you call bollocks!

It’s time now to take stock
Give your body a chance
You will get to the dance!

So, if you desire that ball
Then give me a call
I can sure help you with it all

  Honestly, feeling amazing every day can be a reality and not just a wish.

 The truth is, when it comes to your health, trust your gut instinct.

 You already know that you don’t fit the norm.

 Imagine the relief of being heard.

 The confidence in knowing there is a path forward with the guidance to self-heal. Because you’ve found an outside-of-the-box thinker.

Someone who’s experienced to hear your biochemistry just by talking with you.

Someone who can tell more about methylation before you have a chance to google it.

Someone who cares enough about you to spend time researching you.

For the first time in my life someone was listening and taking me seriously and actually helping.


Choose your Metabolic Hormone Harmony Method

Metabolic Harmony Method

12 Weeks or 6 Month Dedication

Ideal for Weight Loss and Hormone balancing. 

Based entirely on real food, no shakes, bars or fat burning pills. 

Biochemistry at it’s finest. 

Real food, in the right amounts, eaten at the right time to balance those wild gut, brain and sex hormones, that are causing you more havoc than harmony. 

Simple.  Effective.  Unique to you. 

Enjoy eating your way to Metabolic and Hormone Balance.

Master Hormone Harmony Method

6 Month Dedicated Program

Perfect for Thyroid or Menopause sufferers who are wanting to lose weight and are dedicated to getting on top of their thyroid and hormonal health.

Combining the entire Metabolic Hormone Method, we dive deep into your personal journey, discovering your hormone havoc cause, driving influences, learning how to manage and maintain health despite your diagnosis.

Learn, Laugh, and Lose Weight along the way.

Your unique biochemistry and genes create you. A one-of-a kind.

It makes sense that your health deserves an individual approach.

Discovering hidden flaws using functional assessments, tweaking biochemistry and using personalised nutrition might be what you are looking for.

I feel so energised, healthy, awake and the biggest bonus is I have lost so much weight. I feel normal again, which I never thought would happen.


I cannot thank Beth enough for guiding me through this life changing event and supporting me every step of the way.


Are you fed up with carrying extra 'wiggle and jiggle'?

99.9% of my clients want to rid themselves of their bulky bits.... do you?

Fortunately, I can help with a total metabolism reset, of which mindset is one key.

Begin with these few mindset shifts for a healthier, lighter you.

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